Are LEGO Misprints Worth Anything?

What Are LEGOs Misprints?

Misprints are LEGO bricks or figures that don’t turn out as intended due to printing errors or mistakes during the production or assembly process.

During the production process, something can easily go wrong, which will result in a misprinted LEGO brick or Minifigure. 

Misprinted LEGO are usually thrown away/recycled and fixed, but not all misprints are discovered. As a result, some will be boxed, and others correctly printed LEGO sets and sold to customers.


Are LEGO Misprints Worth Anything? 

Yes, LEGO Misprints are worth a lot more depending on the value, whether it’s a standard brick or a rare Minifigure. 

While this misprinting error might sound unacceptable, it’s a different story for collectors. Since LEGO Misprints are very rare, it’s likely worth more than the same piece or figure that’s properly made.

However, this will depend on whether it’s just a standard brick which will be worth far less, or a rare Minifigure which will be worth a lot more.

Generally, misprints are extremely rare and can be very valuable, but as with all collectibles, the value can vary.

Misprints can be worth a lot of money as LEGO collectors would be willing to spend a good amount of money for a rare LEGO Misprint.

Best Way to Sell LEGO Misprints

The best way to sell misprinted LEGOs is through Misprint/Miscut Facebook groups. However, you’ll need to request access to join the groups, but once you post the Misprints for sale, you will probably get rid of them in a day.

One factor that determines whether you’ll be able to sell a Misprint is the price you list them for. A 15% more than the regular price for the piece or figure is something you should aim for, depending on the rareness of the piece.

You’ll have difficulty selling a piece if you list it for a very high price, especially if it’s not rare and there’s no demand for that particular Misprint.

There are other places where you can also sell Misprint, including eBay and other LEGO-specific marketplaces such as BrickLink.

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