LEGO Disney Castle: 7 Important Answers for Beginners!

Last Updated on November 27, 2022 by Lisa D. Marsh

Released in 2017, LEGO Disney Castle 71040 was revealed to have overwhelmingly positive traction and has proved to be extremely popular with LEGO fans around the world.

The set is filled with authentic details to explore and is a delightful replica of the Walt Disney World Resort Cinderella Castle: Cinderella’s home fairy tale castle and the icon at the center of two Disney theme parks: the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, and Tokyo Disneyland at the Tokyo Disney Resort. 

Photo by Brian McGowan on Unsplash

This highly detailed LEGO model allows fans to bring the magical world of Disney to their homes and offers a rewarding build and play experience and comes with an array of exciting Disney-themed features and functions.

Bring the magical world of Disney to your home with The Disney Castle. This highly detailed LEGO model with over 4,000 pieces offers a rewarding build and play experience, and comes with an array of exciting Disney-themed features and functions. 

It let fans step into the main grand hall with its mosaic-titled floor, grandfather clock, wall-mounted shields, golden lamp, and ornate chandelier and then venture through a myriad of beautifully detailed rooms that features decorative details.

The LEGO Disney Castle 71040 is one of the largest LEGO sets ever released and is also expensive though there is a miniature version (40478 Mini Disney castle) which is a great alternative for LEGO fans on a budget, and for any type of Disney fan.

Features of LEGO Disney Castle 71040

The LEGO Disney castle 71040 includes 4080 pieces and measures over 29 inches (74cm) high, 17 inches (44cm) wide, and 12 inches (31cm) deep.

The set includes 5 Minifigures including Mickey Mouse with a tuxedo, Minnie Mouse with a red dress, Donald Duck with a classic outfit, Daisy Duck with a pink skirt, lavender-colored shoes, and a bow, and Tinker Bell with wig element, skirt, wings, and a magic wand. It also includes  2 frogs and a golden crown element.

The Castle main building’s first floor features the main hall with an arched doorway, shield-decorated walls, mosaic floor tiling, suits of armor, ornate chandelier, grandfather clock, magic carpet, golden lamp, and floor standing carpet with buildable flower elements.

The first floor’s kitchen features a large redbrick-patterned stove, buildable room, workbench, pumpkin pots, pans, and assorted kitchen and food elements.

The Castle’s main building second-floor room features buildable dark-blue curtains with curtain poles, glass class elements, rose, and ornate buildable candelabra. While the room includes a spinning wheel and access to the castle’s main building third floor.

The third-floor room features a chest with a book of spells, mop and bucket elements, and access to the main tower second floor. 

The fourth floor features a detailed bed with decorative golden headboard elements and the room features a golden mirror, plus red apple and glass vase elements.

Is the LEGO Disney Castle Worth It?

Yes, the LEGO Disney Castle is totally worth it. The is packed with elements inspired by some of Disney’s greatest films and is also one of the largest LEGO sets ever released.

The set is intricately detailed, offers a rewarding build and play experience, and comes with an array of exciting Disney-themed features and functions to provide endless play possibilities.

The set will also make a great display in the home or office, it’s beautiful and detailed comes with a clever design, and will make a great Christmas or birthday gift to any LEGO or Disney fans. 

The set is truly exceptional and includes a range of delightful building techniques with authentic architectural details and fulfills all the criteria for a successful LEGO set.

How Many LEGO Disney Castles Are There?

There are two Disney Castle LEGO sets; 71040 Disney Castle and 43197 Ice Castle.

When Will the LEGO Disney Castle Retire?

There’s a rumor that LEGO Disney castle 71040 will retire at the end of 2020, but there is no official announcement from LEGO about its retirement and the retirement dates depend on many factors including how quickly existing inventory gets depleted.

How Long Does It Take To Build LEGO Disney Castle?

With 4080 pieces and not fewer than 27 numbered bags, the LEGO Disney Castle 71040 takes an average of 10 hours to build.

How Many Bags Are in the LEGO Disney Castle?

The LEGO Disney castle 71040 includes 27 numbered bags.

Photo credit: Brothers Brick