7 Main Reasons Why LEGO is Still Popular Today!

Introduced to the public in 1949, LEGO is widely considered to be the most popular building toy on the planet.

The LEGO company has positioned itself as one of the most famous toy manufacturers in history and their iconic plastic blocks are played with by adults and children across the globe.

According to Toyology’s survey, more than 3, 000 respondents said LEGO is the most popular toy ever manufactured compared to Barbie, Bandai Namco, Nerf, and various other toy brands.

This article covers why LEGO is so popular, what made LEGO so popular and other important answers you should know about LEGO’s popularity.

Let’s Dive in.

What Made Lego So Popular?

1. Versatile

One of the reasons why LEGO is so popular is because it is so versatile and great for all ages. You are only limited by your imaginations and can build models just for the fun of building or even build scenarios of anything you are interested in.

You can take apart whatever you build and rebuild it another day as something completely different. Adults or children of different ages can sit and play altogether.

2. How LEGO Promotes Their Brand

The fact that the LEGO brand increasingly produces toys in partnership with major brands explains the reason behind the huge popularity of the brand.

You can easily see such popular characters as Batman, Harry Potter, Marvel, games like Super Mario, Luigi, and DC comic superheroes like Jack Sparrow, Skywalker, and the gang, and other popular characters.

Partnership with creators of popular movies, shows, books, and games helps LEGO convert fans into LEGO builders. 

what made lego so popular

The LEGO brand also encourages fan-run communities, builders clubs,s and internet websites such as here at brickmechanics.com that help parents decide which LEGO sets are best for their children with in-depth reviews, comparisons, and helpful articles.

3. Adaptive

LEGO’s play style is adaptive to the creativity, skills, and interests of the person playing with it. Children can tell stories with simple sets and Minifigures and they can get more intricate sets to build according to the instructions.

There are different LEGO sets for different fandoms like artists, engineers, storytellers, etc. that allow for quick and simple play and that can take hours or days to build. So whoever you are and whatever your interests are, you’ll find ways to play with LEGO that allow you to express yourself.

4. Develops Logical and Imaginative Thinking

LEGO bricks are perfect for developing logical and imaginative thinking. It can also help promote fine motor skills and fingers in little children.

When playing and putting LEGO bricks together, children will learn to be patient and attentive to details and they have the opportunity to use their creativity and imagination.

what made lego so popular

5. LEGOs are Fun to Play 

Constructing and assembling LEGO bricks is fun, and interesting, and provides excellent relaxation for both children and adults. Instead of focusing on negative thoughts and other life problems, people focus on assembling the bricks and how to go with their creations.

In the United States, many LEGO fans say that building with the help of interlocking blocks is better than meditation or a visit to a psychologist, and playing with LEGO sets has become one of the methods of behavioral therapy for hyperactive children. 

6. Strengthens the Bond Between Children and Adults

Another factor that contributes to LEGO’s popularity is that it strengthens the bond between children and adults. 

Although parents are mostly not interested in Children’s toys, family LEGO building can bring pleasure to children, parents, and even grandparents. 

Additionally, playing with LEGO bricks helps parents distract their children from the TV, computer, or engaging in unwanted activities.

Why Is Lego So Popular and Successful?

LEGO is so popular and successful because it is fun and exciting to play with, allows both children and adults to build their own creations, and stimulates creative and imaginative play. 

LEGO is a much more challenging activity that keeps children engaged for hours and the way the company markets and promotes the toys including partnerships with major brands across the globe makes LEGO so popular and successful.

Why Is Lego So Valuable?

LEGO is so valuable because it is the most popular toy, fun to play with, contains rare Minifigures that are hard to find, retired LEGO sets, and collaborates with well-known brands and franchises to appeal to a broader audience.

Once a LEGO set is retired, its value can typically increase due to demand, popularity, and how hard it is to find that particular LEGO set. This tends to make the set or Figures increase in value which increases as it becomes even more rare and hard to find.

When Did Lego Get Popular?

LEGO became massively popular in the early 21st century, more than 70 years after the toys were first introduced with a significant impact on various areas of popular culture. 

why is lego so popular for kids

Why Is Lego So Popular for Kids?

Building with LEGO bricks keeps children engaged, inspires imaginative play, increases their problem-solving skills, develops creativity, and boosts children’s collaboration and communications skills.

why is lego so popular among kids

Why Is Lego Still Popular Today?

LEGO is still popular today because the company is constantly developing new products, releasing more than 850 sets per year on average, and is constantly collaborating with well-known brands to convert fans into builders.

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