Can You Buy Individual LEGO Pieces? Answered!

Do you have a LEGO set that’s missing some pieces, or perhaps you want to build something from your imagination and need some extra pieces to finish your creation?

Where Can I Get Individual LEGO Pieces

But the question is can you buy individual LEGO pieces?

The answer is Yes, you can buy individual LEGO pieces to replace your missing pieces. There are various places where you can buy your missing pieces as I’m going to show you in this article. All you’ll need is your set’s number which you can find on your LEGO box and the instructions.

So make sure you read this entire article as I’m to show you not only the places where you can buy individual LEGO pieces but also how to find a specific LEGO piece, how to order individual LEGO pieces, and more.

Let’s dive in.

How Do I Find A Specific LEGO Piece?

LEGO has made several unique sets with many similar names which can make it hard to find a specific LEGO piece by their names.

Can you buy individual LEGO pieces

However, they use numbers as a quick and convenient way to instantly find and identify individual LEGO sets. These numbers were initially made of three digits, but they started using longer numbers as they made more and more sets.

Currently, LEGO set numbers are about five to seven digits long featured on the box and instructions of each set.

You can also find the set number on the LEGO website in case you don’t have the box and instructions with you.

And just like set numbers, each LEGO piece has its unique element number. For new LEGO sets, the element number is listed at the back of the set’s building instructions.

Also, in addition to the element number, many LEGO parts have a design number which is a four or five-digit number molded on the inside of the piece. The design number is very small and you may need to rotate under a bright light to see it. 

Design numbers and color are great ways to identify individual LEGO pieces.

Lego bricks

Where Can I Use The Set Number?

Once you’ve identified the set number and the element number of the missing pieces you want to find. You can enter these numbers on the Brick & Pieces section of the LEGO website to see if the part is available to buy. The numbers can also be used to find LEGO parts on Pick A Brick too, you just need to enter the number into the search bar.

Where Can I Get Individual LEGO Pieces?

There are many places where you can get individual pieces. These include:

LEGO’s Website: LEGO’s Brick & Pieces Pick-A-Brick online has a pretty good selection of LEGO parts. You can buy up to 999 pieces of each part from Pick A Brick. However, the selection is usually limited to the most recent and non-licensed stuff. 

LEGO Retail Store Pick-A Brick Wall: You can buy individual LEGO pieces in a cup from LEGO’s “Pick-A-Brick Wall”. They generally have very limited parts and you have to pay for the full cup’s volume. However, it is mostly the cheapest way but they may not certainly have the special pieces you want.

BrickLink: You can find almost any LEGO product on BrickLink. It is an online platform that connects buyers and sellers just like eBay but only for LEGO products. You can order missing LEGO pieces there, although the price and quality may vary from seller to seller, so it is important to check the seller’s ratings before buying from them.

Brick Owl: Brick Owl is another website for LEGO products, just like BrickLink but not as big as BrickLink. They have a wide range of LEGO products and parts, and you can get individual LEGO pieces from there. 

Bricks & Minifigs: These are individual resellers of LEGO products with retail locations. Many of them have individual LEGO pieces for sale and you can check if they have available pieces for your set.

ToyPro: ToyPro is another website that deals in LEGO products. They have more than 18,000 unique LEGO pieces and you can get your LEGO pieces there.

Can You Buy Individual LEGO Pieces In Stores?

The answer is Yes, you can get LEGO pieces in LEGO stores or other stores that deal in LEGO products. Some of these stores include LEGO’s Pick-A-Brick Wall, Brick & Minifigs, and LEGOLAND’s Pick-A Brick.

Lego pieces

Can You Buy Individual Bricks at LEGO Store?

Yes, you can order individual bricks at LEGO online store through their Pick A Brick and Brick & Pieces services. All you need is your set number and the element number for your bricks and you can search and order it right away.

Final Thoughts

By now, you have a solid understanding of whether you can buy individual LEGO pieces or not. You can buy individual LEGO pieces from both LEGO retail and online stores or on other websites such as Brickowl, BrickLink, and ToyPro.

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