Best Way to Display LEGO Saturn V: 5 Cool Ideas!

So you just finished building this fascinating LEGO set and want to know the best way to display LEGO Saturn V.

Or maybe after building it and putting it on the shelf, you realized that you wanted s more interesting way to display it.

LEGO Saturn V is an absolute pleasure to build, has quite educational, and displays beautifully and in different ways.

LEGO has made it easy to display the Saturn V set with three strands to display the rocket horizontally. But what is the best way to display LEGO Saturn V?

The best way to display LEGO Saturn V is to mount it on a skinny metal pole inside a glass display cabinet and cover the pole in orange LEDs and cotton to give it a rocket effect.

In this article, I’m going to show you some cool DIY LEGO Saturn V display ideas so you can have an interesting way to display your built set.

display LEGO saturn v sets

LEGO Saturn V Display Ideas

1# Display Cabinet

The coolest way I’ve found to display LEGO Sturn V is using a glass display cabinet. This display idea was shared by LEGO fan hn_ns, who uses an IKEA detolf glass cabinet, mounted the set on a skinny metal pole, covered the pole with orange LEDs, and covered all of that with cotton glued together to form a smoke pattern and get a rocket effect. 

This can be a great way to display your Saturn V rocket at home, in the classroom, or anywhere without the little ones being able to touch it. 

This article shows a step-by-step guide you can follow to have that rocket effect.

2# Display With a Copy of the Apollo 11 Flight Plan

Another fantastic way to display your Saturn V set is to display it with a copy of the Apollo 11 Flight Plan, the original poster that shows the flight path that took Apollo Astronauts to the moon.

The poster served as a blueprint for the first lunar landing in 1969. The orbital path indicates the position of the Saturn V rocket, the lunar excursion at each critical stage of the mission, and the command service module. 

The poster looks perfect as a background for the LEGO Saturn V and is available printed in four colors at or get it printed out on

3# Display With the Up Goer Five Poster

The Up Goer Five Poster is an awesome way to display the LEGO Saturn V set. The poster is a diagram of the Saturn V using only one thousand words people often use. 

The rocket on the diagram is a bit taller than the LEGO Saturn V set, but it creates a perfect background to display the Saturn V set.

You can get this poster at a LEGO store or download it for free and get it printed out for a reasonable price on

#4 Mount or Hang on The Wall

Securely mounting or hanging a LEGO Saturn V set on the wall in your bedroom, playroom, or any other place in your home can be a cool way to display this awesome set.

This can be a great and fun display idea to keep the set away from little hands or cats. You can get a handmade and high-end wall display on wickedbrick at a reasonable price.

5# Get Crafty

display LEGO saturn v sets

Another cool idea is to get crafty and play around with different displays until you find the perfect style. You can use your shelves, tables, and glass or make an exhibition to display all your LEGO sets, including the Saturn V set. The great thing about this is the freedom to tell more stories.

6# Shelves

Whether it be floating shelves or repurposed furniture, shelves are a great way to display LEGO Saturn V. Shelves with glass doors will make a great display for the Saturn V set, especially if put in the living or family rooms.

can you display lego saturn v vertically

Can LEGO Saturn V Be Displayed Vertically?

Yes, LEGO Saturn V can be displayed Vertically. Though it is a very tall set, it stands vertically on the engines very nicely, and there’s a display stand (available on Amazon) that is designed specifically for the Saturn V set, which provides a much more stable base than simply resting the set on the engines alone.

Final Thoughts

What do you think is the best way to display LEGO Saturn V? How do you display your Saturn V set? Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below.

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