Top 5 Best Places to Buy Retired LEGO Sets (Read this First)

Looking for the best places to buy retired LEGO sets? Look no further than here! 

We’ve compiled a list of the top five retailers that sell retired LEGO sets, so you can get your hands on those discontinued items you’ve been wanting to buy.

Let’s dive in.

What Is a Retired LEGO Set?

Retired LEGO sets are sets that have been discontinued by the LEGO Group. This means that the sets are no longer manufactured by the LEGO group and are no longer available for purchase on the official LEGO website and LEGO stores.

Every LEGO set released will typically have a specific retirement date to which its manufacturing will end and will be taken out of shelves.

However, various factors influence LEGO sets’ retirement; some themes usually last longer than others. We covered this in detail in this article.

Can You Buy Retired LEGO Sets?

So you are wondering if you can still buy retired LEGO sets? The answer is yes, you can. There are various places where you can buy retired LEGO sets. 

However, retired LEGO sets tend to increase in value and you are going to buy them at a more expensive price depending on the rarity and demand.  The rarer the set is, the more expensive it will be and the more difficult it will be to get.

You will probably see a lot of marketplaces selling retired LEGO sets but you will discover that the sets are very expensive and you are less likely to get the set in very good condition.

Below, I share with you the 5 best places to buy retired LEGO sets at a more affordable price and in a good condition. You are guaranteed to find the set you are looking for from these sites no matter how rare it is, including very hard-to-find sets.

Top 5 Best Places to Buy Retired LEGO Sets

1. Amazon

Amazon is the largest online marketplace and the best place to buy retired LEGO sets at a more cheaper price.

They have a great selection of retired LEGO sets and are often cheaper than other retailers as well, so it’s definitely worth checking them out first. 

Do People Buy Retired LEGO Sets?

It has the highest inventory of LEGO products besides the LEGO website and its inventory tends to last longer. 

You can find recently retired LEGO sets at the official retail price and all the sets are brand new and have their boxes sealed, so you don’t have to worry about getting used sets with missing parts, broken pieces, or scratches.

Amazon is also a great place to find rare and hard-to-find sets and Minifigures, though they tend to be more expensive, you will find them cheaper than on other marketplaces.

2. Bricklink

Bricklink is a LEGO-owned online marketplace and community for buying and selling new and used LEGO products. 

The marketplace has more than 10,000 stores from 70 countries and is a great place to find retired LEGO sets and also one of the best places to sell used LEGO sets.

You can find many retired LEGO sets both sealed and used from different vendors and you can compare the price and quality to get the best bang for your buck.

Sealed sets are more expensive, but you are guaranteed to get them in good condition with all parts intact since it has never been opened, while used sets are cheaper but are not likely to be in a good condition.

3. eBay

Another great option for online shopping, eBay is a great place to find retired and hard-to-find LEGO sets.

There are many vendors on the platform that sell all kinds of LEGO products and is a great place to find retired LEGO sets, both sealed and new sets.

However, their retired LEGO sets tend to be more expensive (especially rare sets) than Amazon or Bricklink but you are sure to find the set you need.

Additionally,  be sure to check seller feedback before making any purchase, to ensure you’re getting a reputable seller.

4. Brick Owl

Brick Owl is similar to Bricklink though not as bigger. It is a LEGO marketplace to buy and sell LEGO sets, parts, and Minifigures.

The marketplace has many stores with thousands of LEGO sets and is a great place to buy a retired LEGO set.

Just like Bricklink, you will find both sealed and used retired LEGO sets from different vendors at different prices, and you are guaranteed to find the set you need unless it is a very rare set.

5. ToyPro

ToyPro is an online store with a wide selection of LEGO products including LEGO sets, Minifigures, stickers, parts, and another great place to buy retired LEGO sets.

Unlike other LEGO marketplaces like Bricklink and Brick Owl, Toypro is an online store and you are buying directly from the owners and not dealing with vendors.

This guarantees that the LEGO sets are in good condition their retired sets are also cheaper compared to other platforms.

ToyPro has a separate section dedicated to retired LEGO sets. However, they don’t have many retired LEGO sets compared to other platforms like Bricklink but you are likely to find the set you are looking for.

where to buy retired lego sets

Conclusion – Where to Buy Retired LEGO Sets?

There you go; our curated list of the top 5 best places to buy retired LEGO sets and Minifigures. 

  1. Amazon
  2. Bricklink
  3. eBay
  4. Brick Owl
  5. ToyPro

You are guaranteed to find the set you are looking for on these platforms, be it rare or hard to find set and Minifigure.

Do People Buy Retired LEGO Sets?

Yes, people buy retired LEGO sets and there is a huge demand for retired LEGO sets especially specialty sets and sets from popular themes.

Are Retired LEGO Sets Worth More?

Yes, retired LEGO sets are usually worth more as LEGO sets tend to increase in value once they are retired. This is because the sets are no longer manufactured by the LEGO group and are not available for purchase from official LEGO stores.

People usually collect LEGO sets and keep them to sell later for profit once the set is retired and there is a high demand for it, which causes the set to increase in value.

However, it is important to keep in mind that not all retired LEGO sets are worth more as whether their value will increase or not depends on many factors.

How Much Are Retired LEGO Sets Worth?

Retired LEGO sets usually sell for at least 10% more than their original retail price but this greatly depends on the rarity of the set, and the value usually increases as the set becomes rarer and hard to find.