What Time Does LEGO Release New Sets? 10 Facts to Remember!

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So you got your eyes on those new sets that are going to be released and are eager to get your hand on them but don’t know what time does LEGO release new sets?

Maybe they include exclusive and specialty sets or even some retired sets that are coming back. 

LEGO occasionally releases new sets, providing early access to VIP members so they can get their hands on them earlier than non-VIP members. 

Buying new LEGO sets as they are released is the way to go as they can quickly get out of stock especially if it’s an exclusive set or anticipated set.

This article gives you an idea about the time new LEGO sets go on sale so you can grab one before anyone else. It also explains some important things you should know about LEGO sets release time so you can have a better understanding.

Let’s go.

What Time Do New LEGO Sets Go on Sale?

New LEGO sets usually go on sale at midnight  Eastern time in the US and Canada, Midnight Australia Eastern, Midnight British Time,  9 pm Pacific or 1 am European time, and sometimes the next morning around 9 am.

How Often Do New LEGOs Come Out?

LEGO often releases new sets twice a year. Winter wave in December or January and the summer wave in June to August. A handful of random releases in between depends on a number of factors such as movie releases, TV shows, and other variables.

What Months Does LEGO Release New Sets?

LEGO usually releases new sets in December, January, and February for the winter wave and June to August for the summer wave.

However, LEGO has started releasing new sets almost every month with January, March, August, September, and December having the highest number of new sets.

How Do Some People Get LEGO Sets Early?

LEGO VIP members get early access to new LEGO sets. VIP members usually get access at least a week before the set goes on sale and they can order it before anyone plus they also get access to exclusive member-only gifts.

If you want to get early access to new LEGO sets before they are released, then you should definitely join the LEGO Vip program. And the cool thing is that it’s free to join and the VIP card is also free.

What Time Does LEGO VIP Early Access Start?

LEGO Vip access usually starts around a week earlier before the items go on sale.

What Time Do LEGO Sets Go on Sale UK?

New LEGO sets usually go on sale at midnight or around 9 am in the UK.

Does LEGO Do Preorders?

Yes, LEGO does pre-orders and allows you to place your orders on the LEGO website before the set comes out. Pre-ordered items ship as soon as they become available and LEGO will email you to let you know when your order leaves their warehouse.

You can find the shipping dates for pre-ordered items on the product page, in your bag, and in the order summary at checkout.

What Time Do LEGO Preorders Go Live?

Pre-orders go live after the LEGO sets are and their release dates are announced by LEGO.

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How Long Do LEGO Backorders Take?

Backordered LEGO sets usually ship as soon as they become available and they don’t hold up other items in your order.

However, free promotional items don’t ship separately if the rest of your order is on backorder, they are delayed and shipped together with the backorder.

Likewise,  LEGO parts are also shipped together and if you’ve got a backordered part in your order, LEGO will wait until all your parts become available before sending them out to make sure you don’t miss any of the bricks you need.

How Do You Get Free Stuff from LEGO?

Below are 5 ways to get LEGO stuff for free:

1. Join the LEGO VIP Program

The LEGO VIP program gives you access to exclusive deals and discounts, members-only gifts, and VIP-only specials, and gives you reward points for every purchase you make which you can save up to get free stuff from LEGO.

LEGO stores also offer special shopping hours for VIP members on shopping days or cool events, giving out prizes and gifts to VIP members who show up early for limited supply offers on a first come first served basis.

2. Enter LEGO Contests

LEGO contests are another way to get LEGO stuff for free. 

LEGO occasionally hosts building contests and offers huge prizes including large, expensive LEGO sets.

3. Get LEGO on Halloween

LEGO stores are known to give away freebies on Halloween. All you need to do is dress up in your favorite costume and go to your nearest LEGO store and they will give you free bricks for every customed shopper.

And besides LEGO, other stores such as Target sometimes also offer LEGO giveaways during Halloween and you can check online to see if a store near you is participating in a giveaway.

4. Replace Missing LEGO Parts

If your set comes with a damaged, missing, or broken part, you can request a replacement from LEGO and it will ship to you for free. 

All you have to do is visit the customer service area and fill out a quick form and LEGO will send you what was missing, damaged, or broken for free.

5. LEGO Black Friday Deals

LEGO is known to put out some special Black Friday (the Friday right after Thanksgiving in the United States) deals each year and that usually feature a free gift with qualifying purchase. 

A great way to get the news about these deals is to subscribe to the LEGO newsletter or join the VIP programs and you will get news about these deals sent to your email.

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