LEGOs Sold Out? 7 Important Facts to Remember!

So you wanted to buy LEGO sets but discovered that the most popular sets are sold out?

The company has produced thousands of new LEGO sets each year, with an estimated two million LEGO models in the world.

Interest in LEGO products is continuously growing as more children and adults worldwide continue to evolve in collecting and playing with LEGOs.

Maybe you wanted cool and popular LEGO sets for yourself or as a gift to your kid or loved ones but found out they are all sold out.

We will dive into all the details about what it means when a LEGO is sold out, why LEGOs are out of stock everywhere, LEGO sold out vs. temporarily out of stock, and other things you should know about LEGO stocks.

Let’s dive in.

Legos sold out

What Does It Mean When a LEGO Is Sold Out?

Sold out means that the set is sold out, but LEGO may get more stock buy the date isn’t confirmed. It can take anywhere between a couple of days to a few weeks and months before the set is back in stock. 

This may depend on several factors, including LEGO’s supply chain, inventory, demand and popularity of the set, number of pieces, and size of the set. Larger sets and sets with more number pieces tend to take a longer time to restock because they take much time and resources to produce. 

Why Are All the LEGOs Sold Out?

All the LEGOs are sold out because the company’s supply chain was disrupted due to the pandemic. One of their factories in Mexico was also closed, so they had to share the sets made in other factories with the markets served by the closed factory.

Demand for LEGO sets is also higher due to everyone being at home, LEGO sets becoming more popular across the globe, more adults and children finding innovative ways to play and collect LEGO sets, and more.

These factors make LEGO sets especially popular LEGO sets, and themes sell out faster.

LEGO Sold Out vs Temporarily Out of Stock

Temporarily out of stock means that the LEGO set isn’t currently available to order, but the company expects to have more in the future. While sold out means that the set is sold out and currently not available, and the company may get more stock, but they don’t know when.

Legos sold out vs temporarily out of stock

LEGO sets that are temporarily out of stock usually restock faster, and you can expect them to restock in a matter of days or a few weeks. The sets might be currently in production or about to be restocked.

On the other hand, sold-out sets take more time to restock, and you should not expect them to restock any time soon

However, being sold out or temporarily out of stock doesn’t mean that the set is unavailable anywhere. You can often find these sets available on sites like Amazon, BrickLink, eBay, and other LEGO marketplaces.

Why Are LEGOs Out of Stock Everywhere?

There are many reasons why LEGOs are out of stock everywhere, which includes the company having trouble keeping up with demand, supply chain disruption, or issues at production sites.

This mostly happens during festivals like Christmas and Black Friday/Cyber Monday events, where fans are actively buying LEGO sets as a gift to their kids and loved ones or at a discount.

Buyers often exhaust their inventory, making most LEGO sets to be temporarily out of stock or available on backorder.

However, LEGO is aware of this issue, and gas responded by inviting fans and shoppers to sign up for email alerts so they can be notified when a set is back in stock. You can find this option on the product’s page next to the “add to wishlist” option.

Will LEGO Restock Out of Stock Items?

The answer is Yes, LEGO restocks out-of-stock items. Out of stock means that the items are sold out and currently not available, but the company expects to have more in the future.

How Long Are LEGO Sets Out of Stock?

There is no specific duration for out-of-stock LEGO sets. Out-of-stock LEGO sets can take anywhere between a couple of days to weeks and even months before they are back in stock. 

Where to Get Sold Out LEGO Sets?

Most of the time, out-of-stock LEGO sets will be available on Amazon at the same price or even cheaper than on the LEGO website.

Amazon should be the first place to check as their stock tends to last longer, and they have many vendors, and you can even find retired or discontinued set there.

If you cannot find out-of-stock LEGO sets on Amazon, you can check other LEGO-specific marketplaces like BrickLink, BrickOwl, and eBay, among others. You can find any LEGO sets n these platforms, be it retired, rare, or used sets, but their prices tend to be higher.