Are LEGO Collectible? Explained For Beginners!

Are you a collector and are thinking of collecting LEGO sets but are wondering if are LEGO sets are worth collecting?

Collectibles are considered alternative investments and are worth more than their original sale price. But are LEGO collectible?

The answer is Yes, collecting LEGO products is profitable, fun to collect, and something special to enjoy. There’s a huge amount of stuff to collect with LEGO’s offering as wide as it is, and you can collect as many LEGO sets as you want. 

Are LEGO collectible

What do LEGO collectors Want?

What LEGO collectors want varies depending on the collector. Most LEGO collectors like collecting official sets from the themes they like. They want to have all the sets in a theme or all the collectible Minifigures.

Back in the days before LEGO went crazy bringing out new sets, collectors were more focused on broad ranges but this has gotten pretty difficult to clearly define these lines nowadays.

Some collectors like collecting particular stuff like 2×4 bricks in every color, all the Superhero Minifigs, or all the variants of printed tiles.

Some people collect sets while others like to collect Minifigures only. People also seem to collect armies of Minifigures because they love building armies with many copies of the same Minifigures to build a vast battalion. 

Some live creating more parts like a wider selection of bigger tiles, fences and street lamps, wedge tiles, and bigger tiles. But in the end, what people want is “more LEGOs”.

Also, collecting LEGO sets seems to have a better return on investment, and collecting old sealed sets used to be seen as an interesting hobby.

Once a LEGO set is retired, its market price will typically start growing, which usually depends on many factors such as an increase in demand, rarity, and popularity among others.

Very large LEGO sets usually see more returns while very small sets typically see faster growth and medium-sized sets see the least returns. 

This might be because smaller sets of unique parts and figures are never available in other releases, and very large sets tend to be produced in small quantities and are more appealing to adults.

Why People Collect LEGO Sets

Now let’s take a look at some of the reasons why people love collecting LEGO sets.

Are LEGO sets worth Collecting

1. They Can Increase In Value

LEGO is a very popular toy around the world mainly because they are fun to build and their bricks and Minifigures are attractive and of high quality. And buyers around the world are always on the look for more popular sets to expand their collections.

For example, a LEGO set that was worth a few dollars a few years back can now be worth over a hundred dollars.

The value of LEGO sets tends to increase over the years, especially those rare ones or those that are still sealed in their original boxes or are in mint condition.

2. They Are Fun To Play With

LEGO sets are fun to play with and people tend to collect more sets to build and have fun. They are also great for developing creative skills in children to discover endless possibilities.

3. They Are Timeless

The LEGO sets you to play today usually connect with the ones produced today, which is one of the reasons many people are generally interested in themes like vintage sets; even after years, you can still use them as you used to.

4. They Are Attractive And Have Decorative Function

Remember that thrill when you finish building a very difficult set and how proud you were and couldn’t stop staring at it?

People not only enjoy the thrill of building LEGO sets, but they are also cool and a unique way to decorate your home.

5. To Leave A Legacy

LEGO sets are a great way for people to create memories they can always cherish and everyone loves LEGOs so that they can provide great memories later in their lives.

Are LEGOs Worth Collecting?

Yes, LEGO sets are worth collecting as they are valuable and tend to have better returns with time especially when kept in a good condition or are still sealed in their original boxes.

People tend to collect LEGO sets for various reasons such as to profit later when their value increases, to have all sets in a theme, to have armies of Minifigures, to leave a legacy, and more.