Should I Take Apart My LEGO Sets?

Have you reached a stage in your LEGO building where you’re running out of space to put your finished sets and in need of some basic bricks for hopefully doing some MOCs but just don’t like taking your sets apart?

Maybe you’ve even chosen the finished set to take apart because you’ve it isn’t one of your favorites and you’ve displayed it for the longest time, but it just feels pretty bad to take it apart.

It can be a pretty cool set that you could easily build it again if you wanted but taking it apart feels shameful. So should you take apart your LEGO set?

This depends on the circumstances, if you’re running out of space, then it would be wise to take it apart even though you might feel bad about it.

You can keep the sets you like for display together in a large gallon ziplock bag and put them back into their box, and the storage room.

You can also keep the rest inside larger bins or a small clear plastic Tupperware but never throw away the instructions. 

Ziplock bags for lego sets

How Do You Break Down LEGO Sets?

If you are ready to break down your LEGO sets completely, you don’t need to strain your fingers to separate hard-to-remove elements because I’m going to share with you two simple methods you can use to break down your LEGO creations.

Easy Way To Breakdown LEGO Sets

Tools might cause damage to LEGO plastics and leverage can do the trick without using special separators or tools. Follow the following steps to break your LEGO sets without using any tools or separators:

  • Use a long brick as a lever and a smaller brick as a wedge

Should I Take Apart My LEGO Sets

  • Attach the wedge (the smaller brick) slightly towards the center of the lever (long brick)

Best way to break down lego sets

  • Plug the stuck brick into the free space left in contact with the wedge
  • Then apply diagonal force to release the stuck brick. 

How To Breakdown LEGO Sets Using The Brick Separator

A simpler version of the brick separator tool is used to come with older sets.

How to break down lego sets using brick separator tool

The following steps show you how to use the brick separator to break down your creations:

Step 1: Unsticking the plates

  • Use LEGO Art Brick Separator to unstick the plates from the studs
  • Press the stud down to the side of the brick separator on top of the piece you want to remove
  • Press down the handle of the brick separator while still holding down the LEGO set. You can use the ridges to get a good grip
  • The brick separator should make the plate come off easily as you press down the angle of the brick separator

Step 2: Removing the bottom plates

  • Attach the studs on the brick separator to the bottom of the LEGO plate. You should feel it click into place.
  • Lift on the handle, using the ridges for a secure grip. You may need to keep the rest of your creation from moving around.
  • As you lift, the angle of the brick separator should get the plate to easily pop off.

Step 3: Removing multiple tiles

  • Put the flat end of the brick separator next to the tiles you want to remove.
  • Press down so it lifts the other side like a lever. Make sure the rest of your LEGO set isn’t moving – you may need to hold it in place.
  • The tiles should pop right off!

Step 4: Removing the side tiles

Use this technique to unstick tiles on the edge of your piece

  • Put the corner of the brick separator’s flat side next to the tile you want to remove.
  • Press down so it lifts the other side like a lever. Make sure the rest of your LEGO set isn’t moving – you may need to hold it in place.
  • The tile should come right off.

Should you take your LEGO sets apart

Are LEGO Sets Meant To Be Taken Apart?

LEGO sets are traditionally designed to be built and have fun while building them, but you can decide to take them apart if you wish or to use the pieces for your creations.

Final Thoughts 

By now you have an idea about taking your LEGO creations apart. If you’re running out of space or just want to make space for your new creations, taking apart your LEGO sets can be a good idea.

You can use the brick separator tool to break down your creations or use leverage if you are afraid that tools can damage your bricks.

Keeping LEGO elements inside a ziplock bag and into their boxes after taking them apart will be a good idea to avoid pieces getting damaged or missing.