LEGO Hogwarts Castle – 7 Things You Should Know

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The LEGO Hogwarts Castle is a LEGO Harry Potter based on the Hogwarts Castle (Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry): a fictional boarding school of magic for budding witches and wizards in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter novels and derived works such as the Harry Potter movie series.

The first Hogwarts Castle set: Hogwarts Castle 4709 appeared in 2001 the year when the Harry Potter theme was introduced. The castle contained several generic places from the first book and film Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone.

Among the important recurring places that were turned into LEGO sets during the first year were the Gryffindor Common Room and hagrid’s Hut.

In July 2007, 5378 Hogwarts Castle, one of the most iconic and requested sets in the Harry Potter theme was introduced and aligned with the release of the 5th movie – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Hogwarts Castle 4842 was announced on February 12, 2010, alongside 5 other sets including Hogwarts Express 4841, and was released on October 2010.

Released in LEGO Harry Potter 71043 Hogwarts is the biggest Hogwarts Castle set and the best and most popular Harry Potter set.

The set allows children to build a Hogwarts Castle replica complete with a host of Harry Potter characters including 4 Harry Potter figures, 27 Microfigures, the Chamber Of Secrets, the Whomping Willow, and more from the wizarding world. 

How Many LEGO Hogwarts Castles Are There?

There are 5 Hogwarts Castle LEGO sets:

  • 4709 Hogwarts Castle (2001)
  • 4757 Hogwarts Castle (2004)
  • 5378 Hogwarts Castle (2007)
  • 4842 Hogwarts Castle (2010)
  • 71043 Hogwarts Castle (2018)

Which Is the Best LEGO Hogwarts Castle?

71043 Hogwarts Castle is the best LEGO Hogwarts Castle set. 

The set is a highly detailed Harry Potter Collectible and includes 6,020 pieces and 4 Minifigures, 27 Microfigures featuring students, professors, and statues, plus 5 Dementors, this advanced building set makes the perfect Harry Potter gift.

The Hogwarts Castle 71043 offers a rewarding build experience and comes packed with highlights from the Harry Potter Series, where you will discover towers, turrets, chambers, classrooms, creatures, the Whomping Willow, and Hagrid´s hut, plus many more iconic features. 

Is the LEGO Hogwarts Castle Worth It?

Yes, the LEGO Hogwarts Castle is worth it. Hogwarts sets are among the best Harry Potter sets, highly detailed, offer a rewarding build experience, are collectible, display nicely, and make the perfect Harry Potter gift.

Do the LEGO Hogwarts Sets Combined?

Yes, LEGO Hogwarts sets combined. They generally comprise several connected structures and are designed primarily around 8×8 and 8×16 modules, which ensures excellent consistency between them.

How Long Does It Take To Build LEGO Hogwarts Castle?

With 6,020 pieces and 37 numbered bags, the 71043 Hogwarts Castle is an advanced LEGO set and takes an average of 17 hours to build.

What Are the Dimensions of the LEGO Hogwarts Castle?

Hogwarts Castle 71043 measures over 22 inches (58cm) high, 27 inches (69cm) wide, and 16 inches (43cm) deep.

When Will LEGO Hogwarts Castle Retire?

It is rumored that the LEGO 71043 is slated to retire by the end of 2024 alongside the other two biggest LEGO sets including 75978 Diagon Alley and 76391 Hogwarts Icons Collectors’ Edition.

How Many Bags Are in the LEGO Hogwarts Castle?

LEGO Hogwarts Castle 71043 includes 37 numbered bags and three un-numbered bags. It also includes 4 instruction manuals and 4 sticker sheets.


Hogwarts Castle

Hogwarts Castle