Can I Customize A LEGO Set? Explained!

Last Updated on April 18, 2022 by Lisa D. Marsh

Are you looking to round out your LEGO collection with a customized set of the exact bricks, design, photographs, images, and letters?

Customized LEGO sets can be a great gift for your son, daughter, a personalized valentine gift, or even a special gift to yourself. But the question is can you customize a LEGO set?

The answer is Yes, you can build a custom LEGO set to get a personalized package of the exact LEGO bricks you need using LEGO’s DESIGNbyMe personalized package or  Digital Designer; LEGO’s free virtual LEGO building program.

Digital designer gives you access to virtual versions of almost any brick, piece, and plate that LEGO makes. Downloading this software is very easy and it lets you build anything that is made of LEGO. 

The DESIGNbyMe page is dedicated to building custom LEGO sets and will walk you through the steps of the building, imagining, and ordering your custom LEGO sets. 

Can I Customize A LEGO set

The page also offers guides on how to build your own custom LEGO set, a frequently asked questions section, and a message board to connect With other users or get customer support. It also has a gallery of custom LEGO sets that were built by other users.

After building your custom design, tweaking it to perfection, and modifying it to your heart’s delight, you can upload it to LEGO through the DESIGNbyMe webpage.

The uploaded custom LEGO set can be saved for later use or purchased right on the spot. The bricks needed for your custom LEGO set will then be selected in the factory for shipment.

Apart from designing your custom LEGO set, you can also get building instructions printed and even custom design box it comes in.

However, there might be times when the selected bricks for the custom LEGO sets are not available, and in that instance, there will be no way for you to cancel your order, but you’ll instead have to wait for the piece to get back in stock within eight weeks.

Is LEGO Digital Designer Still Available?

Yes, LEGO digital designer (LDD) is still available to download on the LEGO website and available for both Mac and Windows PC.

However, LEGO doesn’t actively support it anymore and they can’t guarantee if it will run perfectly on all systems.

Lego digital designer LDD

Several versions of the software have been uploaded since LEGO’s announcement. The most recent version of the Digital Designer software has improved stability and comes with a brand new set of components to make your construction easier.

The software checks for a new version each time it’s connected to the internet and will prompt you if there’s an update available.

The brick palettes will be automatically updated when you start the LEGO Digital Designer. And if some bricks are not included in the new palette, it will show you a message saying that “the bricks could not be loaded”.

It also comes with some great building tips and tricks which you can instantly access by pressing F1 on your keyboard once you start the program. You can also download the User Manual for more help.

What can I do with LEGO Digital Designer?

The LEGO Digital Designer lets give you access to everything you need to build a custom LEGO set along with building instructions and a LEGO box. You can save or purchased the custom LEGO set you designed with the software and it will get shipped to you.

What can I do with Lego digital designer

You can even use the pre-rendered 3D figures available in the software for inspiration or edit and use them as models for your custom designs.

Opening the LEGO Digital Designer (LDD) software will present you with a screen where you can choose any of the following modes: the LEGO Digital Designer, LEGO Digital Designer Extended, and LEGO Digital Designer Mindstorms.

Is lego digital designer still available

Each mode can be operated in three different ways: Build, View, and Building guide. Building guide automatically generates building instructions to an HTML file, while View lets you take screenshots of your design and explore the model.

You can operate each mode in three ways: Build, Building Guide, and View. View lets you take screenshots of your work and ‘explode’ the model. Building Guide automatically generates building instructions to a .html file. 

The user interface and experience of the LEGO Digital Designer software is very similar to computer graphics design programs and you’ll find it easier to use if you’re used to those programs.

Conclusion – Can You Build A Custom LEGO Set?

You can build your custom LEGO set with the LEGO Digital Designer software or through the DESIGNbyMe webpage on the LEGO website. You can also buy individual LEGO pieces if you don’t have enough so you can build any custom set you want. After you are done building your customized LEGO set, you can order it along with customized building instructions and even a customized box and get it shipped to you directly.