Are LEGO Boxes Valuable? 5 Important Answers You Should Know!

Have you come to a point in your LEGO career where you have amassed a quite number of different LEGO sets and built them leaving the boxes lying around in various places? Or maybe you have a habit of keeping a lot of things that take up a lot of space, maybe a little too much?

Maybe the boxes are for many older sets that will never be reproduced again and it is your last chance to have those boxes in your hands when they are retired from shelves.

However, you might be thinking about whether to keep them, toss them, recycle them, or wonder whether LEGO boxes are valuable or not. 

Are LEGO Set Boxes Valuable?

The short answer to this question is “Yes” LEGO  set boxes can be worth a bit depending on whether they are in good shape or not. Boxes of sets that are more popular tend to be more valuable than those of less popular sets.

More recent boxes can be worth something but not everyone will want them badly enough to pay to cover their shipping cost. 

LEGO boxes will probably be more valuable to someone who has thrown away their box and regrets it later, or someone who is looking to sell their LEGO but doesn’t have the boxes or they are damaged.

Empty LEGO Boxes

Because selling LEGO sets with their boxes and stickers intact can significantly increase their worth and get the person more money.

LEGO boxes and instructions can sometimes be worth more than the loose LEGOs if one day you decide to break your sets down and sell them.

How To Sell Empty LEGO Boxes

Do you hate the idea of just ending up in a landfill or recycling your LEGO set boxes when the LEGOs had brought you so much joy, and instead prefer to sell the empty boxes?

Selling LEGO set boxes can be tricky, though. But you can sell them on BrickLink and other auction sites like eBay.

BrickLink allows vendors to sell original LEGO boxes and it can be the best place to go when selling your empty LEGO set boxes.

Are Old LEGO Boxes Valuable

They show a price guide for products that have been sold recently and the prices will mostly vary depending on the condition of the box, your BrickLink reputation, and how patient you are.

Once you get all your ducks in a row, you can list them on BrickLink or eBay. You can determine at which price to sell by looking at previous sales of empty boxes or the difference in previous sales of sets with boxes and ones without them.

It might take time to sell all your boxes on BrickLink because you’ll have to sell them one at a time and chances are not all of them will sell. This is because the volume is very low and you’ll not likely land more buyers unless you have a high seller reputation (buy reputation can also help).

Auction sites like eBay and Craigslist can also be an option and you can sell all your empty LEGO set boxes all at once and get rid of them quickly.

How to sell empty LEGO boxes

However, you’ll obviously get far less money for them and you might even end up attracting BrickLink sellers to take it off of your hands and resell them on BrickLink themselves (they’ll need to resell them for profit, so expect a low price).

Shipping costs can affect the success of your sales because a lot of people don’t read closely or have no idea how high the shipping costs will be. So the shipping problem can be a bigger obstacle than their low market value.

You should also provide a clear description stating that it is an empty box because many people will not bother to read the description and will later complain that it was an empty box.

How Much Are LEGO Boxes Worth?

LEGO box’s worth will largely vary and depend on certain factors and conditions such as their popularity, rarity, and the person that’s going to buy. 

Someone who is desperately looking for the boxes will value them the most and can pay a decent amount to grab them. 

On the other hand, someone who’s just shopping around will not bother to pay more because they might not want it but instead just want to grab and add it to their collection.

What should I do With My LEGO Boxes?

There are many things that you can do with your LEGO boxes; you can sell them, toss them, recycle them, or keep them and have space for them if they make you happy.

Keeping them can be a good idea if you plan to sell your LEGO sets in the future because used LEGO sets are more valuable if they have boxes plus the box condition also matters.

What should I do with my old LEGO boxes

If you don’t feel like selling or throwing them, you can display or flatten and store them in plastic containers, especially rare and more expensive sets.

You can also store them in your attic inside 50-gallon black trash bags, this will not only keep them clean but will also keep the print on the boxes from fading.

However, you shouldn’t store the instructions in your attic instead, you can just stack and pile them in a dark closet or a non-translucent container. Storing them in the attic will cause the acid in the paper to turn yellow and make the paper very brittle.

Are Old LEGO Boxes Worth Anything?

Old and popular LEGO boxes are usually worth more than new and less popular LEGO set boxes. You might think that your old boxes are not worth anything, but they are usually worth more and can sell quicker than new LEGO boxes.