Are LEGO And Mega Bloks Compatible?

Are LEGO And Mega Blocks Compatible?

LEGO and Mega Bloks are popular toys and creative ways to build fascinating designs with their plastic building blocks.

Although LEGO sets are more expensive than Mega Bloks, LEGO elements are smaller and usually have higher quality than Mega Bloks elements. So the question is; are LEGO and Mega Bloks compatible?

Yes, LEGO bricks and Mega Bloks micro bricks are compatible,e but there are some exceptions. The studs of LEGO bricks are compatible with Mega Bloks figures, but other connections are not compatible because the studs/elements and holes are not always the same size. However, standard LEGO bricks are considered more durable and high quality than Mega Bloks.

Mega Bloks bars are slightly narrower while LEGO bars are 3.18 in diameter; hence many Mega Construx elements will be loose if placed on LEGO studs or clips, and LEGO bars will not fit Mega Bloks parts.

While LEGO and Mega Bloks bricks fit together, the holes in LEGO studs do not readily accept rods because they are generally too small. 

Likewise, the handle is thinner than the wand, so it fits into the hollow Mega Bloks studs reasonably well but is very loose in the LEGO one.

Additionally, plates and tiles seem to fit together, but the grip will generally be looser if LEGO elements are put on top of Mega Bloks elements.

Are LEGO And Mega Bloks Compatible

How Are LEGO And MegaBloks Different?

Although LEGO and Mega Bloks bricks look similar, their basic chemistry differs from each other.

LEGO bricks are sturdier (made from ABS plastics) and not easily breakable, while Mega Bloks pieces have less quality and can easily break.

Additionally, LEGO has their logo displayed on each stud on their bricks, while Mega Bloks don’t have their logo displayed on their studs.

What Are Their Similarities?

Some of the key similarities between LEGO and Mega Construx is that their elements are technically compatible and look much similar (though not identical).