Are LEGO And Duplo The Same? 7 Things You Should Know!

LEGO Duplo was introduced to provide safe and age-appropriate LEGO bricks for young children aged one and a half years to five years.

Since its launch, the Duplo range has been expanded to include sets with figures, houses, cars, and trains just like regular LEGO sets.

However, Duplo bricks are twice the height, length, and width of regular LEGO bricks which makes them easier to handle and harder to swallow by small children. But the question is are LEGO and Duplo the same?

Both LEGO and Duplo sets are produced by the same company (LEGO) but they are all designed for different age ranges. Duplo sets are designed for younger children aged between one and a half to five years, while LEGO sets are designed for older kids and adults. 

Are LEGO And Duplo The Same

Duplo bricks are larger, about twice the size of LEGO bricks. However, they have a similar design, characters, and look with LEGO bricks and sets. The main difference is their size and the age range they are designed for.

So in this article, we’re going to take a look at both LEGO and Duplo sets and the things you should know about these toys to help you understand them better.

Let’s dive in.

Is LEGO Better Than Duplo?

LEGO sets are better, higher quality, and more durable than LEGO Duplo sets. LEGO sets have more themes, and characters, and are more popular than Duplo sets.

But Duplo sets have twice the length and height of LEGO sets making it better for younger children who are likely to swallow it.

However, both LEGO and Duplo are better for the specific age groups they are designed for. Duplo sets are better for younger children aged between one and a half years to five years, while LEGO sets are better for grown-up kids and adults.

Are LEGO And Duplo Compatible?

Yes, LEGO and Duplo bricks are compatible, but some limitations. Duplo bricks are compatible with larger LEGO bricks and may easily come off from smaller LEGO pieces.

However, LEGO and Duplo Minifigures are not compatible with each other and LEGO bricks won’t fit with Duplo bricks and vice versa. 

LEGO bricks will fit on Duplo parts as long as the DUPLO ones have hollow studs on top. In case you’re wondering, Duplo parts that don’t have hollow studs are called baseplates and are different from parts with hollow studs.

Are LEGO And Duplo Base Plates Compatible

No, LEGO and Duplo base plates are not compatible. LEGO plates will not fit on Duplo parts and LEGO parts with an odd number of studs along one side will also not fit Duplo parts. 

For example, a 1×2 or 2×3 brick won’t fit, but a 2×2 or 2×4 brick will fit. These are generally indirectly rather than directly compatible as you can put Duplo blocks and stack standard LEGO on top of the Duplo.

Other types of bases are typically called “plates” rather than “baseplates” which are compatible with both Duplo and standard 2xN LEGO bricks. 

The difference here is the hollow versus solid studs. The “tubes” underneath a 2 x N standard LEGO brick will fit inside a hollow DUPLO stud, but won’t fit when the DUPLO stud is solid. 

Can LEGO And Duplo Fit Together?

Yes, they can fit together but with limitations. Only large LEGO bricks can fit together with Duplo parts because Duplo parts are twice as large as LEGO parts. Duplo bricks will not fit with smaller LEGO parts and will easily come off if put together.

LEGO Minifigures won’t fit Duplo bricks and likewise, Duplo figures will not fit smaller LEGO bricks but will fit Duplo bricks that have hollow studs on the top. No LEGO part with an odd number of studs along one side will fit Duplo parts.

Can LEGO And Duplo Be Used Together?

Yes, you can build a model by stacking LEGO and Duplo in each other since large LEGO pieces are compatible with Duplo parts, but some elements are not. 

However, stacking LEGO bricks on top of Duplo parts will require the particular LEGO part on the bottom to be able to fit in the hollow top of the Duplo brick. Many LEGO bricks don’t share this compatibility with Duplo, but you can stack Duplo on top of them and not the other way around.

Additionally, you can only use some specific types of LEGO bricks with Duplo but plates, tiles, and other modified pieces can not be stacked with Duplo and can only balance on top of Duplo.

Is Duplo Bigger Than LEGO?

Yes, Duplo is bigger than LEGO. Duplo parts are twice in length, height, and width as LEGO parts and their characters and Minifigures are also larger than that of LEGO sets. 

Are LEGO And Duplo Compatible

The reason behind this is to provide safe and age-appropriate LEGO bricks for younger children between one and a half to five years. 

This is because small LEGO bricks can be swallowed by these younger children which can cause harm to them. So that’s why the Duplo bricks are made larger than the LEGO bricks to make them safe for use by these children.

What Is The Difference Between LEGO And Duplo

The difference between LEGO and Duplo is that Duplo bricks are larger than LEGO bricks and are designed for younger children aged between one and a half to five years.

However, LEGO sets can be more durable and have higher quality than Duplo bricks.

Final Thoughts 

While LEGO and Duplo share the same similarities, they are not the same and are designed specifically for different age groups. Duplo bricks are bigger than LEGO however, LEGO parts tend to be more durable and of higher quality than Duplo parts.

Large LEGO bricks are compatible with Duplo parts and can be used together to construct new models. However, LEGO plates won’t fit Duplo parts, likewise, LEGO parts with an odd number of studs alongside won’t fit Duplo parts.