LEGO NES (Nintendo Entertainment System): 10 Facts to Know!

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Released on August 1, 2020, the LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System is an interactive playset based on the Nintendo Entertainment System which is part of the LEGO Super Mario partnership and consists of a LEGO version of a Nintendo Entertainment System and a LEGO TV with a lever.

The set is in the LEGO Super Mario theme which is based on the Super Mario game series, unveiled in July 2020, and includes a full-size replica of the console with a cartridge and controller and a miniature CRT TV that displays gameplay of Super Mario Bros.’ World 1-1.

Since its release, the set has received generally positive reviews. However, this article goes over the LEGO NES and answers important questions about the set: what it is, the number of pieces, the release date, and more.

Let’s dive in.

What is LEGO NES?

LEGO  NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) is a LEGO set in the Super Mario theme that allows you to construct both a replica of the NES and a retro television tube that displays a LEGO version of the Super Mario game.

The brick-built LEGO NES  is packed with realistic details including an opening slot for the Game Pak with a locking function and a controller with a connecting cable and plug for authentic and interactive play.

The set features a buildable retro TV that features a flat 8-bit Mario figure on the scrolling screen, plus an action brick to scan with LEGO Mario (the figure is not included and can be found in the LEGO Super Mario Starter Course set -71360) which reacts to the on-screen enemies, obstacles, and powerups just like in the Super Mario Bros. game.

lego nintendo entertainment system

The LEGO NES is part of an inspiring collection of LEGO sets for adults and triggers nostalgic memories as you build the set and the interactive 1980-style television displaying the classic Super Mario Bros. game.

No batteries are required with this set and you can combine it with the LEGO Mario figure in the LEGO Super Mario Adventures with Mario Starter Course (71360) to activate the TV’s interactive features.

The set comes with an easy to follow instructions and also includes an illustrated booklet about the creation of the LEGO NES and Classic NES games to help you build with confidence even if you are a LEGO newcomer.

When Did the LEGO NES Come Out?

The LEGO NES was released on August 1, 2020.

How Many Pieces Does the LEGO NES Have?

The Nintendo Entertainment System 71374 contains 2,646 pieces 

Is the LEGO NES Playable?

No, the LEGO NES isn’t actually playable though there’s a buildable TV with a tiny 8-bit Mario figure and a crank that slowly moves the level in the background. 

It comes with a special action brick that can be scanned by the LEGO Mario that comes with the Starter Course playset and once activated, the Mario figure will react to the enemies, obstacles, and powerups that are sliding on the screen.

Is the LEGO NES Full Size?

No, the LEGO NES is not full-size and not on a 1:1 scale with the original Nintendo console and is around five centimeters shorter and thinner.

However, it goes a long way in recreating the original console plus the power switch and the reset button is just as accurate, with the LEGO NES being a little thinner.

What is LEGO NES?

The audio and video connectors on the side of the console almost look perfect and the opening flap for the console, the LEGO cartridge has all the right shaping, and the loading tray both operate in almost identical ways.

The set is infused with nostalgia without sacrificing an incredibly high level of accuracy and is clearly designed by people who love the original Nintendo console.

How Many Pieces Does the LEGO NES Include?

The LEGO NES 71734 includes 2646 pieces.

How Long Does It Take To Build the LEGO NES?

With 2646 pieces, it takes an average of 16 hours to build the entire set as it’s a bit trickier, dense, and initially a complex build.

Is the LEGO Nintendo Collectible?

Yes, the LEGO Nintendo is collectible, fun, and packed with Nintendo charm to give fans of Super Mario Bros.™ a way to recapture childhood magic.

When Will the LEGO NES Retire?

The retirement date for the LEGO NES is not announced yet and there’s no information regarding its retirement.

How Many Bags Are in the LEGO NES Set?

The LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System set comes with a total of 26 bags of parts divided into 21 numbers.

Best Way to Display LEGO NES

A cool way to display the LEGO NES set is on a table or stand in the living room or in the room to make it look like a real Nintendo console. 

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